Saturday, May 9, 2009


How often do I remember you?

Over the blue waters I see your face, feel your hands.
The wind carries my sigh over the waves murmur.
Shades of evening bring the missing smell of your hair, your breath.
The morning dew draws your figure in my window pane, as if weeping with me.
Breaking across the ocean’s flood, the swift rush of the waves call your name in mingled sounds of earth and air.
Like the rush of the sea or the sound of angels wings.

The sad stream of my love ran silently towards the stormy ocean of your life.
It wound through dark and light under all skies.
You never cared or shared my sigh.

Anna Maria

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Old Autumn golden crown is showing its rays
Tints of spring are coming in with joy
For shelter or for shade the trees
Spread their green

Sunny and fragrant air
Bathes the morning dew

The beauty and the power of the seasons shine
In a close embrace

Summer golden pride is close
Its powerful perfumed breath feels near

Melodies of morning
I sang for you
Now I can’t hear your steps at my door
Time and life have moved on forgetting me behind.

Anna Maria

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Morning mist and sunshine
A beam of the sun
The murmur of the waves
Ages of moonlight
Over the calm ocean

I am the barren land
Waiting for your rain
Swaying in the wind
Hoping for magical moons
To shine

Through night and storm
Through starless and cold
Beams of life
Passion burns the stars
And keeps me alive

Anna Maria

Friday, April 24, 2009


Whispering love songs I embrace the moon
The stillness and silence of your hands on my face
Cupping my cheeks to hold my tears
Their feathery touch makes my blood sing.

Days of silence, days of waiting and feeling empty
Your touch is the beginning of a fiery emotion and gives way
to tears of joy.

Sweet dreams of love

Anna Maria

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A melody may teach a lover where love is.
Silver dressed in the moonlight, bathed by heaven and the evening star
a melody of gold tangling your hair
like a clamor of love caught in a song.

Our voices in the wind, air shapes the sound
of all the moons and suns of the days we were in love.
A tide of feelings and awe and wonder swells inside me.
The awe and wonder of true love.

Anna Maria

Monday, April 20, 2009


I love you with everything I am, even if you are not by my side.
Thoughts of you are always in my mind, my heart, embedded in my soul.

I think of you. I think you in sadness and in joy.

The rain reminds me of you. I walk slowly and my tears mix with the rain.
Nobody can see the tears, they can see just the rain.

I miss your hands and your arms. I miss your face and your smile.
I miss your voice. You are so silent.

Were you ever there?

Anna Maria

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Shades of green and blue color the heave and hurl of the swells embraced by a silver winged breeze.
A room with a tiny view of the sea. The sea that calls for you and me but I sit here alone.

Free and calm waves woven from sea spells caress the sand as you used to caress me.
No more.
Salty air meets my lips, the breeze cools my spirit.

Deep azure waves smash the rocks and the soft sand and seems like eternity since I last saw you.
In the tranquility of the tides I can hear the gulls squawk.
The sun is going down and shines from heaven into the sea.

My tears trickle down to the sea, salt and salty mix.

Like Alfonsina I wish to see the sea floor while eternity passes.

Anna Maria